South Dakota AdFed

About South Dakota Advertising Federation and Astronaut

It doesn’t matter that Astronaut is headquartered in a mid-sized town. When advertising people party, they like to go big. Of course the irony is that ad people are well aware of their out-sized egos — enough to make fun of themselves now and then. And that’s where we found inspiration for our creative work for the South Dakota Advertising Federation’s annual awards show. We featured grandiose performers and a call to action that, with an ever-so-advertising turn of phrase, changed an adjective to a verb: “Show Your Awesome.”

It was pure fun for everyone and showcased original photography for the first time in the club’s history. Our shoot employed the talents of Walter Portz, whose performance showed his awesome, too.

  • Client: South Dakota Advertising Federation
  • Industry: Advertising
  • Services: Creative Development/ Print/Photography/Digital