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About Slingshot and Astronaut

Slingshot is a high-tech game-changer in a rapidly growing segment of agriculture known as “precision ag.” A combination of hardware, software and online services (SAS), Slingshot is the equivalent of putting a tablet computer inside large farm equipment to deliver repeatably accurate application of seed, fertilizer and crop protection (herbicide/pesticide) with a margin of error of less than one inch. It was developed by Raven Industries, a leader in precision ag and a 60-year-old public company transitioning from a manufacturing to technology identity. But this multi-faceted product is just frankly hard to describe to the ag industry, in which some 60 percent of farms had not yet adopted precision ag technology.

Astronaut developed the name, identity, brand strategy and all communications tactics for Slingshot. The strategic concept underlying the brand is the concept “Every Field Perfect:” As long as there is a patch of ground cultivated for crops somewhere on earth, there’s a job for Slingshot.

The new brand launched with dramatic, industry-wide success. Not only did the release of the Slingshot brand take the industry press by storm, sales of the system helped drive a 12 percent gain in profits for its business unit in its first quarter. It also had competitors scrambling to catch up. Today the Slingshot brand is widely known in agriculture world-wide.

  • Client: Raven Precision
  • Tasks: Brand Strategy, Name, Identity, Design, Development, Video Production, Launch
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