Connected (DuPont/Inbicon Partnership Spotlight)

"Operating Conditions" Accellerase Enzyme Animation

BioBase Touchscreen Experience Demo

About DuPont and Astronaut

Astronaut has enjoyed a long relationship with DuPont Industrial Biosciences and its Genencor enzyme technology team, which has been perfecting biotechnology for the production of both biofuels and biochemistry. We have developed campaigns for both their first-generation (corn-based) products and second-generation, or cellulosic ethanol technology. The challenge is to help develop business in a category that is itself still developing – to date there are only four cellulosic ethanol facilities in commercial production in the world.

To help cement DuPont’s leadership in the industry, Astronaut has developed campaigns built around both aspiration and levity in a variety of media, including print, video, large touch-screen experiences, guerrilla, campaign micro-sites and even an iPad app. The work carved out instant awareness differentiation for DuPont, helped reinforce its leadership position in this exploding industry, garnered accolades from within the biofuels space and awards from Astronaut’s peers. It has also helped develop a thriving relationship between our team and this Fortune 100 pioneer of sustainable goods and services

  • Client: DuPont Industrial Biosciences
  • Industry: Biotechnology/Renewable Fuel & Chemistry
  • Services: Strategy, design, print, advertising, digital, guerrilla,