Dark Matter Coffee

As gift to our clients and partners for the holidays, Astronaut designed our own coffee packaging and worked with Black Sheep Coffee to develop a unique custom blend to say thank you to everyone. The result was Dark Matter: “A Mysterious Force of Nature.”

Designing the packaging was quite a bit of fun. It features the triumphant Pegasus, inspired by the constellation of the same name, handmade with coffee grounds, an X-Acto knife, a spoon and the unintentional deep breath. The final arrangement was photographed and incorporated into the final bag design.

The package also features the brilliant work of Romanian “astro-poet” Dan Mitrut, The Hill Orchard.

Dark Matter earned a place along side some the best examples of packaging design on The Dieline, Packaging of the World, The Minneapolis Egotist and The Inspiration Room and also prompted numerous coffee entrepreneurs to give us a call.

*Astronaut is in the design and advertising business, not the coffee trade. The actual roaster of Dark Matter Coffee can be found here.