Carbon Harmony

About Carbon Harmony and Astronaut

Carbon Harmony is the name of a non-profit project focused on improving soil carbon, increasing yields and capturing atmospheric carbon. The work of Ron & Keith Alverson, a sixth-generation father-son team of farmers with a considerable pedigree of leadership and progressivism in Midwest corn farming, the undertaking is designed to explore and implement farming practices that increase soil organic matter to promote sustainable farming and overall soil health.

The intent is to explore the potential of developing a market that places a premium on low-carbon crops — that is,  cereal and commodity grains like corn that are grown with the highest “carbon performance.” The project combines the science of carbon capture, agronomy and sustainability in a way that is meant to give farmers the tools to take a pro-active approach to soil preservation today instead of a reactionary one in the future.

Astronaut joined the Alversons to develop the name, identity, strategy and messaging of the project, which launched in advance of the 2017 growing season.

  • Client: Alverson Farms
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Services: Brand Strategy/Naming/Identity/Design/Digital