Nature of Discovery

Project Description

Genencor, one of the largest biotechnology companies in the world, partnered with Astronaut to promote its leadership in the quest for cellulosic biofuels: state-of-the-art enzymes for profitable biomass hydrolysis. Genencor was up against a larger competitor with strong marketing resources. The launch of its flagship enzyme platform Accellerase TRIO would mark a watershed event — one that needed to stand out and get noticed.

The campaign wrapped the product launch in the aesthetic of a travel campaign: TRIO as a foray into the unexplored reaches of nature: a strange, wonderful destination unreachable until now. Leaders within the very small market of cellulosic ethanol producers hailed the campaign as a breakthrough in the industry. Traffic to the Accellerase website doubled, and the campaign succeeded in driving awareness about TRIO and Genencor’s leadership. The effort was one of many over the course long and productive relationship between Genencor and Astronaut.

  • Client: Genencor
  • Industry: Biotechnology/Biofuels
  • Services: Product Launch, Strategy, Naming, Design (print/digital), Production, Social Media