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About Alkota and Astronaut

Alkota Cleaning Systems builds pressure washers and cleaning technology. It came to Astronaut with nearly 50 years of history, a reputation for excellence, over 700 distributors worldwide and an assignment: relaunch the brand.

The critical strategic insight: the way Alkota crafts its products is the same way it crafts its relationships — carefully, one at a time, in a near-custom manner — because they’re masters of the trade (no exaggeration: many of their staff have been with the company over 40 years). These are pressure washer artisans.

The Big Idea that followed, “On Your Mark,” emphasized Alkota’s ability to solve puzzles no one else can precisely because of their experience. Astronaut’s work powered a sales jump of 21 percent in the quarter after the launch and received enormous response from key distributors and praise from stakeholders throughout the industry. Our favorite and most humbling indication of its success was this: it brought a few of the most grizzled members of Alkota’s leadership to tears. Since the launch, Alkota has continuously broke quarterly sales records.

  • Client: Alkota Cleaning Systems
  • Industry: Manufacturing/Industrial Cleaning Equipment
  • Services: Brand strategy, design, digital, film/video and print production, social media

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