Spring is finally here and along with the nice weather comes the crack of the bat, hot dogs and peanuts. It also means that for the first time since 1981 the Minnesota Twins will play outdoors, on real grass under the sun and stars. The Twins new stadium, Target Field, is getting rave reviews from fans but more importantly it is ushering in a new generation of “green” stadiums. Sure there are plenty of cup holders, but everything from construction materials to rain water was thought of. A complete list can be found in this article at The Twins also offer tours of the facility throughout the season, Target Field Tours, so you can see the amazing facility inside and out.

I am still interested in hearing more about their game day and long term plans for minimizing waste. That is a lot of plastic bottles, cardboard and wax paper to go through over the course of a season plus playoffs (fingers crossed). For season ticket holders they should issue a debit card they can swipe instead of printing paper tickets. How about I bring my own 64oz. cup for beer?