Brands for an Inhabited Planet


Astronaut is a brand studio. Companies planning to reinvent their categories work with us to break out, connect with human beings and grow.

If you innovate technologies or products at the frontier of the new marketplace, you’re in good company here. If you lead an effort that needs to achieve escape velocity in a crowded market, we provide the boost. If you plan to build a sustainable 21st Century business, we will build you a resilient brand.

Astronaut delivers veteran strategic, creative and production talent to develop powerful brand strategies, identity, design, advertising and marketing communications to take you and your customers to undiscovered wonders. Just buckle up — things move fast here.

After all, you’ve got places to go.




Astronaut is a full-service advertising agency with a specialized focus. We concentrate on those emerging, sometimes explosive categories shaping the economy of the 21st century — clean tech, renewable energy, green build, sustainable consumer goods and services. In particular, we serve the pioneers working at the intersection of technology, energy, and agriculture. And we have a simple mission: sustainability through the power of world-class brands.

With high-caliber creative and strategic work, and with a strong relationship, we can grow the businesses that make the world a better place. And that’s good for everyone.


Our crew brings considerable experience serving Fortune 500 consumer, technology and financial brands, from apparel to agriculture, from health care to high tech, from coffee to cars. Astronaut’s people know how to go deep, fix problems and put smiles on the right faces, however big or new your enterprise may be.

Since our launch in 2007, we’ve served a 200-year-old global Fortune 100 stalwart, renewable energy luminaries, mature biotechnology, manufacturing and financial services companies; scrappy start-ups and non-profits out to change the world. In other words, we’ve been getting ready for you.


Astronaut’s work has delivered double-digit leaps in sales and awareness for our clients — from the global enterprises to grassroots entrepreneurs. And perhaps more important, our approach to strategy and execution has established coherent, exhilarating brands built to last. After all, the most sustainable businesses are the ones with the most resilient brands. Let’s build one for you.


"It suddenly struck me that that tiny pea, pretty and blue, was the Earth. I put up my thumb and shut one eye, and my thumb blotted out the planet Earth. I didn't feel like a giant. I felt very, very small."


Some Fun Facts

Percent of Consumers Who Make Product/Shopping Decisions Based on Sustainability
Global Daily Liquid Fuel Demand, In Millions of Gallons, by 2035
Years until world population surpasses 8 billion
Dollars Invested in US Renewable Energy, in Billions, in 2013
Percent of Consumers Who Can't Name a Socially Responsible Company (Worldwide)
Global Daily Liquid Fuel Demand, In Millions of Gallons, 2014
Years until world population surpasses 9 billion
Dollars Invested in Chinese Renewable Energy, in Billions, in 2013

You share at least one thing with the heroes of the space program.

The places you’re going are mysterious, wonderful, and don’t favor the timid.


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